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Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless Gloves

The M-Tac tactical all-purpose fingerless gloves Assault Tactical Mk.1 are designed for a multipurpose use. This model has a reinforced palm pad made of genuine leather that will prevent severe injuries and bruises during falls, and prevent slipping even when wet. The gloves feature cushioning pads over the knuckles. The M-Tac fingerless gloves Assault Tactical Mk.1 offer optimal protection with pads over the knuckles to absorb and disperse shock. Manufactured from durable material, these gloves are ideal for tactical and outdoor activities. The cuff closes with hook and loop fasteners, which creates additional comfort. These gloves will accompany and protect you while motorcycling, during workout, in combat, or any other outdoor activity.
Material: genuine leather, polyester, nylon

  • Model: KS-2210
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